Terms of service and Registration agreement for dotRadio Domains



In this Registration Agreement (“ Agreement ”):

a.   “Registrant” , “You” and “Your” refers to the individual or entity who is entering into this Agreement and wishes to register a domain name using the registration services provided by COREhub.

  b.   “COREhub”, “We”, “Us” and “Our” refers to COREhub S.R.L.U, with domicile in C/ Creu Coberta 17, 1er 1a, 08014 Barcelona, a registrar accredited by ICANN to provide registration services. COREhub is hereinafter also referred to as "register.radio"

c.   Any reference to a “Registry” or “Registry Operator” shall refer to the entity responsible for operating the registry for operating the .radio top-level domain (“TLD”) , namely the European Broadcasting Union.


a.   This is an Agreement by and between You and Us. This Agreement explains Our obligations to You and Your obligations to Us for the provision of the registration services offered by Us. In order to complete the registration process you must accept all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

b.   You acknowledge and understand that by accepting this Agreement you also accept and shall be bound by the Registry Policies, as amended from time to time, set forth by the Registry. Registry Policies refers to the terms and conditions in the initial launch and General Registration Period of the Registry, including without limitation any standards, policies, specifications, procedures, guidelines, practices, programs or criteria approved by the Registry in accordance with their arrangement with ICANN, now or in the future. Appendix 1 of this Registration Agreement refers to these Registry Policies. You are aware that the Registry may update the content and/or URL for their Registry Policies and are responsible for monitoring them on a regular basis.

c.   This Agreement shall not be effective and binding to both parties until and if accepted by Us. The registration of the domain name shall imply Our acceptance of the Agreement.


a.   You acknowledge that the practice of registering and administering domain names is constantly evolving. Therefore, You agree that We may need to modify this Agreement, as is necessary to comply with the requirements of ICANN and/or the Registries. We may, in Our sole discretion, elect to discontinue offering registrations or renewals of the .radio TLD by providing a previous reasonable notice, in which case You would be offered the opportunity that your domain name registration is transferred to another registrar.

b.   All amendments to this Agreement will be posted on the register.radio website at  https://register.radio/ . You will be notified of any material amendment to this Agreement through email or other reasonable means.

c.   Registry Policies referred to in  Appendix 1  of this Agreement, as well as the URL where they are currently located, may also be modified by the Registry. You are responsible for monitoring such Policies in the Registry’s site on a regular basis.

d.   Your continued use of the domain name registered through register.radio will constitute Your acceptance of this Agreement and of the applicable Registry Policies and any revisions. If You do not agree to any change, You may request that your domain name registration is cancelled or transferred to a different accredited registrar. You agree that such cancellation or request for transfer will be Your exclusive remedy if You do not wish to abide by any change to this Agreement or to the applicable Registry Policies.


  a.  By applying to register a domain name, or by asking Us to maintain or renew a domain name registration, You agree that neither the registration of the domain name nor the manner in which it is intended to be used infringes (i) this Agreement; (ii) applicable Registry Policies; (iii) any applicable Law; or (iv) otherwise violates any third-party rights.

b.   You agree and acknowledge that it is Your responsibility to determine whether Your domain name registration and use infringe the Law or violates someone else’s rights, including, but not limited to, whether any foreign language translations of your domain name infringe or violate someone else’s rights.

c.   You agree that the domain name shall be in accordance with the syntax norms established by ICANN and/or the Registry, and shall not consist of any of the reserved names established by the Registry. You acknowledge that a domain name registered against the syntax norms, the reserved names, or the Registry Policies may be cancelled without a refund. We will not be liable in any case for such cancellation.

d.   We cannot guarantee that You will obtain a desired domain name, even if an inquiry indicates that a domain name is available at the time of Your application.

e.   You acknowledge and agree that registration of Your chosen domain name does not confer immunity from objection to the registration or use of the domain name.

6.    FEES

As consideration for the registration services regulated in this Agreement You agree to pay register.radio the applicable fees prior to the desired domain registration, transfer, or any renewal thereof. Fees are non-refundable even if Your domain name is suspended, cancelled or transferred to another registrar prior to the end of Your current registration term. These fees have been set by register.radio. Thus, any question in relation to any of these fees, must be addressed to register.radio directly.


a.   You agree to provide all the required information of the domain name being registered as well as complete, accurate and reliable contact details from persons or entities associated with domain name records as required by the registration process, including:

i.   Your full name, postal address, e-mail address, voice telephone number, and (where available) fax number;

ii.   The full name, postal address, e-mail address, voice telephone number, and (where available) fax number of the technical contact for the registered name;

iii.   The full name, postal address, e-mail address, voice telephone number, and (where available) fax number of the administrative contact for the registered name;

iv.   The full name, postal address, e-mail address, voice telephone number, and (where available) fax number of the billing contact for the registered name; and

v.   Any alternative data element required by ICANN and/or the Registry in relation to a particular TLD, in which case the alternative required data elements shall replace and supersede the above-referred data with respect to that particular TLD.

All data referred to in this Section shall be jointly referred to as “ Contact Information ”. Providing Contact Information is mandatory in order to register a domain name.

b.   You shall immediately correct and update the Contact Information during the term of the domain name registration.

c.   You acknowledge that a breach of this Section will constitute a material breach of this Agreement, which will entitle you and the Registry, at our sole discretion, to immediately terminate this Agreement and/or temporarily suspend Your domain name without any refund.


a.   Your Contact Information is collected and will be held and processed for the purposes of providing the registration services requested by You and on Your behalf. You acknowledge that Your Contact Information will be:

i.   Transmitted to the Registry. This transfer is necessary for the domain name to be registered within the Registry. The Registry will only use your data to provide registry services, as required by ICANN.   Appendix 1   of this Registration Agreement refers to the Registries operating each Supported TLD;

ii.   Publicly available through the Whois database service, where the Contact Information can be consulted, on a query-by-query basis, by anybody with access to the Internet;

iii.   Included and kept in Our databases for the provision of the registration services regulated in this Agreement; and

iv.  Transmitted to an escrow agent mutually approved by COREhub and ICANN, to be held in escrow, with no use other than verification that the deposited data is complete, consistent, and in proper format, until released to ICANN. The current escrow agent is NCC, but starting in 2024 it will be the company DENIC. In the event the escrow agreement with escrow agent is released, ICANN or its assignee shall have a non-exclusive irrevocable, royalty-free license to exercise (only for transitional purposes) or have exercised all rights necessary to provide registrar services.

b.   Additionally, Your Contact Information may be made available to ICANN for inspection, if ICANN requests so.

c.   Furthermore, subject to the Policies implemented by ICANN, We may need to provide third-party bulk access to your Contact Information for commercial purposes. Prior to providing third party bulk access to your Contact Information We will obtain an agreement in writing from such party by which it commits not to use the Contact Information (i) to allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission by e-mail, telephone, postal mail, facsimile or other means of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to entities other than the data recipient’s own existing customers; or (ii) to enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of any Registry or ICANN-accredited registrar, except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or modify existing registrations.

d.   COREhub will not process the Contact Information in a manner incompatible with these purposes. COREhub will take reasonable precautions to protect the Contact Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction, as well as undertaking any other security measure required by applicable Law.

e.   By accepting this Agreement, You expressly consent to the use, copying, distribution, publication, modification and other processing and transferring of your Contact Information in a manner consistent with the purposes specified above and with relevant mandatory local data protection and privacy laws...

f.   You may request a copy of Your Contact Information in Our possession to review, modify or update it by sending Us an email to support@register.radio .

g.   With respect to third-party individuals whose personal data You may provide Us with, You represent and warrant that You have informed such third-party individuals of the intended uses and recipients of their personal data, of how they can access and, if necessary, modify the data We hold about them. You also represent and guarantee that You have obtained from such third party individuals the corresponding consent to process their personal data according to this Registration Agreement.

9.     RENEWAL

a.   You are solely responsible for ensuring the domain name is renewed. If You fail to renew Your domain name in a timely fashion, Your Registration will expire, Your rights to such domain name will terminate and the domain will be disabled so it no longer resolves on the Internet.

b.   Once your registration has expired, We will only permit You to redeem a deleted registration during the Redemption Grace Period if such Redemption Grace Period is offered by the respective Registry. Additional costs for the redemption and re-registration will apply, in accordance with the price list published in register.radio's website.

c.   We shall have no liability to You or any third party in connection with the renewal or any attempt to renew the domain name as described herein, including but not limited to any failure or errors in renewing, or attempting to renew the domain name. This limitation of liability is in addition to any other limitations of liability set forth in this Agreement.


a.   You agree that the domain name registered through COREhub will be used in accordance with (i) this Agreement, as amended from time to time (ii) any applicable Registry Policies; (iii) applicable statutes, laws and regulations; and (iv) any rights of third-parties.

b.   If you allow another person to use Your registered domain name and that person has not entered into a Registration Agreement with Us, You may be liable for wrongful use of Your domain name by the third party.


a.   Any disputes regarding registration or use of your domain name will be subject to the applicable domain name dispute resolution Policy and the Dispute Policy procedures established by the Registry and/or mandated by ICANN, including but not limited to (i)   ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy   (“ UDRP ”); and (ii)   ICANN’s Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy   (“ URS ”) in those TLDs where the application of these policies is mandatory.

b.   Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, the Registry is and shall be an intended third party beneficiary of this Agreement. As such, the parties to this Agreement acknowledge and agree that the third party beneficiary rights of the Registry have vested and that the Registry has relied on their third party beneficiary rights under this Agreement in agreeing to COREhub being a registrar of the TLD they operate. Additionally, the third party beneficiary rights of the Registry shall survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement.


a.   Without prejudice to Our rights of termination, We expressly reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to deny, suspend, cancel and/or transfer Your domain name registration if:

i.  You wilfully provide inaccurate or unreliable Contact Information, or intentionally or negligently fail to promptly update it;

ii.  You fail to follow the policies of use mandated by ICANN and/or the Registry Policies;

iii.   You fail to respond for over fifteen (15) days to inquiries by Us concerning the accuracy of Contact Information associated with your domain name or another incident associated to your domain name;

iv.   You or third parties reasonably appear to be engaging in illegal activity in the registration or use of the domain name;

v.   You use the domain name to send unsolicited commercial advertisements in contradiction to either applicable laws or customary acceptable usage policies of the Internet;

vi.   The domain name reasonably appears to be infringing upon or otherwise violate the rights of third parties;

vii.   You engage in a conduct that may reasonably put Us in breach of any applicable Law, governing authority, Registry Regulation, public policy or third party agreement; and/or

viii.  Law enforcement, a Court of Justice or another relevant authority requests that We do so.

b.   You acknowledge and agree that your domain name registration may be denied, cancelled, suspended and/or transferred pursuant to any ICANN adopted specification or Registry Policy or pursuant to any registrar or registry procedure not inconsistent with an ICANN adopted specification:

i.   to correct mistakes by Us and/or the Registry in registering the name, including but not limited to, the cancellation within forty five (45) days from registration of your domain name when its registration has taken place as a result of a previous erroneous cancellation; or

ii.   for the resolution of disputes concerning the domain name. For example, We and the Registry reserve the right to put your domain name on hold during resolution of a UDRP or URS dispute.

c.   You acknowledge and agree that the Registry also reserves the right to deny, suspend, modify the status, cancel and/or transfer any registration that it deems necessary, in its discretion, (i) to protect the integrity, security, and stability or the Registry; (ii) to comply with all applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement, in compliance with any dispute resolution process; (iii) to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of the Registry as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, representatives, employees, and stockholders; (iv) for violations of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

13.  TERM

This Agreement will remain in effect during the term of your domain name registration as selected, recorded and paid for at the time of registration or any renewal thereof. Should the domain name be transferred to another registrar, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall cease.


a.   You accept that, to the extent permitted by Law, We shall not be liable to You for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind (including but not limited to loss of profit, goodwill, business opportunity or anticipated saving) suffered due to:

i.   Any loss of registration of a domain name for whatever reason not due to our negligence or wilful misconduct;

ii.   Interruptions, access delays, system errors, omissions, or failures in our registration system;

iii.   Non-delivery or misdelivery of data between You and Us; or Us and the Registries;

iv.   Interruptions or failures of hosting and/or other services not provided by Us, or other events beyond our reasonable control;

v.   Change of Registry and/or ICANN Policies;

vi.   Events produced pursuant to the instructions received from the Registry and/or ICANN;

vii.   Suspension, cancellation or loss of registration or control -temporarily or definitely- of a domain name registered through COREhub:

1.       In accordance with this Agreement; or

2.       Connected with a decision of the Registry; or

3.       Due to Registry’s negligence or Registry’s insolvency;

viii.   Non-renewal of a domain name because You did not successfully renew prior to the expiration of the then current term;

ix.   Renewal of a domain name when You have not cancelled it in the appropriate timeframe;

x.   Any other events beyond our reasonable control, or not due to our negligence or wilful misconduct.

b.   To the extent permitted by Law, in no event shall Our entire liability for any and all damages, however caused and on any theory of liability, and Your exclusive remedy arising out of this Agreement, exceed the amounts effectively paid by You to Us for the Registration Services pursuant to this Agreement.


a.   You shall indemnify and hold harmless the Registry and Us and our respective directors, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, partners, employees, attorneys and subcontractors for any loss, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any third party claim, action, or demand, whether in court or not, arising out of or related to

i.   Your domain name registration and/or use thereof;

ii.   Your breach or violation of any term, condition, representation or warranty of this Agreement; or

iii. Your violation of any rights of others.

b.   This indemnification is in addition to any indemnification required under the UDRP or any similar policy.

16.   NOTICE

a.   All notices or other communications in connection with this Agreement given by You to Us shall be in writing and sent by registered mail or by email to the following address:

Attention : Amadeu Abril
Address:  Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 452, Atic 2 - 08015 Barcelona
email:  support@register.radio

  b.   All notices or other communications in connection with this Agreement given by register.radio to You shall be in writing and sent by registered mail or by email to the address published in the Whois database.


a.  In the absence of Extenuating Circumstances (as defined below), Your domain name shall be deleted within forty-five (45) days of the termination of this Agreement.

b.   For the purposes of this Agreement,   “Extenuating Circumstances ” are: (i) UDRP action, (ii) a valid court order, (iii) failure of Our renewal process (which does not include Your failure to respond), (iv) the domain name is used by a nameserver that provides DNS service to third parties, (v) You are subject to bankruptcy proceedings, (vi) payment dispute (where You claim to have paid for a renewal, or a discrepancy in the amount paid), (vii) billing dispute, (viii) domain name subject to litigation in a court of competent jurisdiction, or other circumstance as specifically approved by ICANN and/or the Registry.


a.  To the extent permitted by Law, this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Spain

b.   You agree that if there is a dispute in connection with the use of the domain name, the competent Courts will be the Courts of Barcelona, where COREhub is domiciled.


Although  register.radio  has taken all reasonable care that the information contained within the Website is accurate at the time of publication, however no representation or guarantee (including liability towards third parties), expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness.


In particular,  register.radio,  assumes no responsibility for, and makes no guarantees that:

(i) the Website and services on the Website will meet your requirements,

(ii) services and functions on the Website will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free,

(iii) results that maybe obtained from the use of the Website and services on the Website will be accurate or reliable,

(iv) defects will be corrected, or

(v) the Website or the servers that make it available will be free of viruses or other harmful elements.

Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Website is done at your own discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.


Registry Policies are currently available at: