EXTRA TOOL 1: Get your unique .radio Profile Page

Create your unique
.radio Profile Page
Because we think that it is important that you can start using immediately your domain, we offer for free the hosting of a .radio profile page for your dotRadio domain. You will be able to choose among a lot of themes, input some details, upload a logo or a picture of you, optionally provide some links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Soundcloud,...) and voilĂ !
Awesome Themes
to choose from
A lot of themes are available to match your mood or your identity.
Change of theme by a simple click.

We will add even more themes regularly.
Easy redirection to social media
pages or other web sites
In your profile page, you can specify social media links to bring visitors to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Soundcloud... accounts.

You can decide to include a link to a stream (your web radio live for instance).

You can also decide to show an email to ease contacts.
A Great experience in both
Mobile and Desktop
Our themes are responsive and are adapted for all platforms including desktops, tablets and mobiles.